To rent a car at Multirental, it is necessary to have a driving license issued and authorized by the respective regulatory authority in your country. If you are outside the European Union, Brazil, United States or PALOP’s (African Portuguese Speaking Countries) you must present an international driving license. A citizen card or passport and credit card are also required to deposit the deductible.

Quotations for long-term rentals will always be given on request, send us an email to info@multiportugal.com with information about the time you want to rent, the type of vehicle you need and the number of kilometers you estimate do monthly.

Yes. For this purpose, you must contact us by email or by phone from the respective agency in order to make the change for you.

Multirental has at your disposal several spaces where the delivery and collection of vehicles such as Lagos, Lagoa, Faro Airport, V.N. Milfontes. If you cannot find an ideal delivery / collection point for you, contact our services in order to assess the situation.

The one-way rental between Lisbon and the Algarve and vice versa will have a fee of € 150.

Multirental has several means of payment available to its customers, when booking it is necessary to pay 20% deposit to guarantee the vehicle, it can be paid via Paypal, bank transfer, cash or check.

Multirental has several means of payment available to its customers, on the day of withdrawal, you can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, among others), debit, bank checks or in cash.

For customers who do not use this payment method, we have the ideal solution for renting a car. Talk to us for more information.

Yes, we have several models of vehicles with manual and automatic transmission.

The booking confirmation is not necessarily linked to a specific vehicle (model-brand, color, equipment, etc.), but to a group of vehicles with similar technical characteristics and habitability.
If a model from the selected group is not available, a higher category model will be delivered.

If you return the vehicle before the date mentioned in the rental agreement, you will not be entitled to any refund.
Unfortunately, this will not be possible. This is because our vehicles are blocked at a date, time and place defined by you when booking, so we cannot guarantee that these vehicles will be rented again to new customers on days when you have not used it.

After making the reservation and paying a 20% deposit, no amount will be refunded to the customer. If you do not pick up the vehicle on the scheduled date or do not cancel the reservation, Multirental reserves the right not to refund any amount already paid. If there is prior notice, the amount is kept in credit.
Depending on the date of the cancellation request, cancellation or non-cancellation supplement may be applied. The value of this supplement is calculated according to the type of reservation, the notice and the station at which the vehicle should have been picked up.

Multirental is equipped with mobile devices that constantly inform us of the status of its customers’ flights.
We will be waiting for you when you arrive at the Airport, even with a delay. Additional fees may apply.

There will be additional fees for extras, such as: child seats, additional driver, young drivers aged 21-23 years old and senior drivers aged 70-80 years old, airport taxes, vehicle pickups at different stations, for example Lisbon and Faro, insurance for Spain, GPS**, fuel refueling and cleaning fee.

Yes, all our vehicles have insurance included, however the deductibles are different according to the subscription of additional insurance.
If you choose CDW insurance, the customer is responsible for damages caused with a maximum limit for the repair of the respective vehicle.
On the other hand, if you purchase SCDW insurance, the customer will be responsible (if any) up to a maximum deductible from the respective insurance.

Insurance does not include damage to tires, wheels, under the car, loss of keys, car interior, rearview mirrors, damage to the clutch and gearbox, speeding, wrong fuel and accidents resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The deductible is the maximum amount for which the customer is responsible in the event of an accident. Always sign an additional insurance subscription if you want to reduce this liability in the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle.
The amount of the deductible is blocked on the valid credit card of the vehicle driver and is unlocked according to the subscription of the service Via-Verde after the return. This deductible is a value that is not moved by the account of our customers, remaining only in captive value.

In order to provide a comfortable and worry-free rental experience, Multirental relies on VIA-VERDE automatic toll payment service, which is optional for all car rentals, regardless of the rental period. This service includes all tolls, bridges and airport parks.
This service has a cost of € 5 and is calculated after checking the used tickets. Calculations will be completed within a few days after returning the vehicle.

If you have an accident, you should immediately call the national emergency telephone number – 112, calling the Police to help you take care of the incident as well as a medical vehicle, if necessary, and inform our employees. All our vehicles are provided with a friendly declaration that must be completed by the respective drivers and signed at the end.
Failure to call the police in the event of an accident may void any insurance added to the reserve.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems that rent-a-car companies face is the new damage detected by the services during the check-in inspection at our workshops. Always check all existing brands and register them with our employees.

Passenger vehicles: they can actually travel outside Portuguese territory as long as insurance for Spain is activated; Commercial Vehicles: cannot travel outside Portuguese territory.

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